House Brings To A Close Protracted Farm Bill Battle

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Contact: Jared King
Communications Director
Navajo Nation Washington Office


House Brings To A Close Protracted Farm Bill Battle

WASHINGTON—The House today passed a bipartisan farm bill by a vote of 251-166. The bill reauthorizes the nation’s agriculture and nutrition programs for the next five years. The Senate will take up the measure no later than next week.

The farm bill has five specific programs that will impact the Navajo Nation.

  • The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) would be reduced by $8 billion over the next decade; a significant compromise between the $4 billion in cuts favored by the Senate and the $40 billion preferred by House.

  • The act would create a Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations Traditional Foods Demonstration Project that would assist tribes in growing and distributing traditional foods from Navajo farmers and ranchers.

  • The bill would establish a traditional foods service program, allowing for traditional foods to be served in schools, hospitals and care facilities.

  • The act would create a program to allow the Navajo Nation to administer food assistance programs. Finally, the act would make the Navajo Nation eligible for soil and water conservation programs.