Navajo President Ben Shelly Addresses Fiscal 2014 Budget Priorities

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Navajo President Ben Shelly Addresses Fiscal 2014 Budget Priorities

WASHINGTON—On March 28, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly presented the Navajo Nation’s fiscal 2014 budget priorities at the Tribal Interior Budget Council National Budget Meeting. The Navajo Nation budget priorities include public safety and justice, human services, education and natural resources management. 

“Pubic Safety is the number one priority for the Navajo Nation. We must have adequate funding to make our communities safe and prosperous,” President Shelly said.

The Navajo Nation has 280 commissioned officers covering an area of 27,000 square miles. This means at times there is only one law enforcement officer covering 5,000 square miles.

“The state of our tribal police and their stretched-thin capacity has recently been highlighted by the National Geographic Channel’s show Navajo Cops,” President Shelly added.

The Navajo Nation requests $22 million to fund law enforcement on the Navajo Nation. For tribal courts, the Navajo Nation’s request is $3.4 million.

President Shelly also addressed the need for adequate funding for human services such as housing and welfare assistance. Under education, the president included $37 million to fund student need. Further requests include $26 million for the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, funding for the former Bennett Freeze Area, and funding for forestry cleanup and thinning.

“Tribal budgets should be considered as mandatory, and not discretionary funding subject to reductions under the Deficit Reduction Act,” President Shelly said.



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