President Obama Signs Continuing Resolution

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President Obama Signs Continuing Resolution Into Law

House and Senate Shift to Fiscal 2014

WASHINGTON – Yesterday, President Obama signed the fiscal 2013 continuing resolution into law, that will extend funding to federal agencies and programs for the next six-months. The sequester cuts remain intact within the continuing resolution.

The House last week cleared the spending package, HR 933, after the Senate amended the original House-passed version by adding three appropriations bills—Agriculture, Commerce-Justice-Science and Homeland Security. The Defense spending bill was already included in the original House-passed version.

The bill calls for $1.043 trillion in discretionary-spending and 0.1 percent to 2.5 percent in across-the-board cuts to agencies and programs. The $85 billion in sequester cuts will reduce that total spending amount to $984 billion due to separate across-the-board cuts.

According the Budget Control Office, the legislation would spend $684 billion on security and $359 billon on non-security or domestic programs before sequester cuts.

Federal agencies are awaiting final budget allocations from the continuing resolution from the U.S. OMB. Upon release of their allocations, they will be able to share with grantees and contractors final fiscal 2013 figures.

Meanwhile the House and Senate last week passed their own versions of a budget blueprint for fiscal 2014, which begins Oct. 1. The two competing spending measures outline how the federal government will spend and generate revenue over the next decade.

President Obama is expected to release a fiscal 2014 budget proposal to Congress in April.



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