President Shelly Visits Verizon Terremark Data Network Access Point

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President Shelly Visits Verizon Terremark Data Network Access Point

CULPEPER, Va.—Advancing on the capacity for large-scale technology and telecommunications, Navajo Nation President Ben Shelly met with executives for Verizon and Terremark as he toured a 500,000 square foot data center outside the Washington, D.C. area April 24.

“Technology is the foundation we’ve made over the last three years,” President Shelly said as he met with executives and solutions experts.  “We’ve been building a high speed broadband network that will be turned on this year.”

Data storage and information exchange are strategic Navajo initiatives the president is taking to tying all government divisions, departments, and programs together.

“We’re going to place all our information in the cloud,” said the president.  “There are so many advantages to cloud storage.  Important information will no longer be stored locally.  All departments can have access on a protocol basis.”

The cloud is known as Multi Protocol Label Switching, and refers to a large capacity archival storage where electronic files can be accessed from any communications device mobile or desktop.  It eliminates the need for local storage on a hard drive or mobile device.

“Our tribal departments which work with federal agencies will share large-scale information,” said the president citing the Navajo Nation Division of Health working with the Indian Health Services, and Medicare and Medicaid agencies often requiring terabytes of data capacity.

The Navajo Nation Land department will soon have a title plant where all land documents and files will be contained in a multi-layered server accessible by tribal members and chapters where information can be both downloaded and uploaded.  All information referencing homesite leases, grazing use area, business site leases will be checked and verified by GPS technology.

The Verizon Terremark Network Access Point center is strategically located 60 miles from the Capital just outside the blast zone in the event of a nuclear strike or disaster.  It is the hub for many federal agencies where electronic data storage is safely secured through high-level security protocols.

The data center is one of two main Network Access Points on the east coast with another data center located in Miami, Florida.  More than 180 wireless telecommunication carriers route their electronic data and traffic through the Terramark center.  It has four independent sources of redundant power to provide continuous and uninterrupted services.

“We can use the cloud to bring tribes together,” said the president, as he envisions future strategic uses tribes to network together.

In 2009, President Shelly led the Navajo Nation’s efforts on broadband in emphasizing technology.  The broadband infrastructure is nearly complete and will provide wide area coverage to chapters and communities.



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