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House  convened at 12 p.m.

HR 5031 STEM education programs at the National Science Foundation

HR 1786 National Windstorm Impact Reduction

HR 5035 National Institute of Standards and Technology

HR 5056 A bill to improve the efficiency of Federal research and development, and for other purposes.

HR 5029 Domestic science and technology enterprise

HR 451 Richard K. Salick Post Office

HR 606 Specialist Christopher Scott Post Office

HR 2223 Elizabeth L. Kinnunen Post Office

HR 3534 Officer James Bonneau Memorial Post Office

HR 2802 Fountain County Veterans Memorial Post Office

HR 4355 Harold George Bennett Post Office

HR 3027 Barry M. Goldwater Post Office

HR 2291 Vincent R. Sombrotto Post Office

HR 3085 Captain Herbert Johnson Memorial Post Office

HR 4416 Staff Sergeant Manuel V. Mendoza Post Office

HR 4193 Smart Savings Act

HR 4195 Federal Register

HR 4185 Court Services and Offender Supervision

HR 4197 All Circuit Review Extension

HR 1192 Mount Jessie Benton Fremont

HR 5016 Fiscal 2015 Financial Services Appropriations

Senate - convenes at 2 p.m.