Frequently Asked Questions

No. The Navajo Nation Office of Vital Records. The NNOVR provides information on how to enroll members into the tribal records and information on researching lineage at: launch. The Bureau of Indian Affairs also has guidance launch to help find records of Indian lineage.
No. The Navajo Nation Washington Office does interface with other Divisions on the Navajo Nation, but our function is primarily to work with Congress and federal agencies. Our interactions with Divisions on the Navajo Nation are restricted to legislative priorities only and other special needs that can only be addressed in Washington, DC. We do facilitate the engagement of our Division leadership with DC actors.
No. The Navajo Nation Washington Office is the only tribal nation in the United States that has held a presence in Washington, DC to represent the Navajo Nation exclusively in the nation’s capital since the 1970s.
The Navajo Nation Washington Office is charged with representing the Navajo government and the Navajo people at events and proceedings with myriad stakeholders including other tribes and Native American organizations.
NNWO encourages visitors, especially from Dinetah, by appointment. Please call ahead.
Vacancies at the Navajo Nation Washington Office are posted on the Navajo Nation Department of Personnel’s website. launch
The Navajo Nation supports a Navajo preference in hiring, but all qualified candidates are considered regardless of ethnicity, race, gender, orientation, religion, age, or disability.
The Navajo Nation Washington Office accepts interns from programs initiated by credentialed academic institutions. Please contact for more information.
The Navajo Nation Washington Office is always encouraged by any opportunity that raises the profile of NNWO and more importantly, the Navajo people and our government. Please request a speaker to
The Navajo Nation does not serve as a point of purchase for Navajo Arts and Crafts. The Navajo Nation Arts & Crafts Enterprise offers jewelry, textiles, handicrafts, country and western wear, regalia, and other items at several stores on the Navajo Nation or through their website: launch
While many members of the NNWO staff are attorneys barred to practice law in myriad jurisdictions, our legal staff works on Navajo Nation policy issues only. We are not authorized to represent people in individual legal matters, unless directed to do so by the Office of the President/Vice President.
The NNWO is part of the OP/VP’s staff, but constituents may request appropriate assistance from NNWO without going through the OP/VP or Council.
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