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Health IT Modernization

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Consultation Platform

Indian Health Service

Comment Deadline:

December 8, 2023


The Indian Health Service Health IT Modernization Program invites you to join a series of four Tribal Consultation and Urban Confer(TC/UC) sessions in calendar year 2023 on Health IT Modernization.

These are important and timely meetings for IHS to ask questions and get your feedback. During the first event, Preparing for Change, scheduled for March 8, the IHS will provide an overview of milestones and accomplishments of the Health IT Modernization Program and seek your feedback on change readiness, what the IHS could be doing to support organizations and individuals, and what facilities can be doing to prepare for an electronic health record modernization. Attendees can register for the sessions in advance through the links below. After registering, attendees will receive an e-mail with a link to the web conference and audio call-in numbers. Please register and join these sessions.

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