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Request for Information To Support the Development of a Federal Environmental Justice Science, Data, and Research Plan

U.S. Executive Office of the President


Consultation Platform

Office of Science and Technology Policy

Comment Deadline:

December 12, 2023


The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) seeks information to assist in developing a coordinated Federal strategy to identify and address gaps in science, data, and research related to environmental justice. Information received through this RFI will inform the biennial Environmental Justice Science, Data, and Research Plan. Interested persons and organizations are invited to submit comments on or before December 12, 2023. They are looking for recommendations on ethical standards, privacy protections, and other requirements for the development and use of science, data, and research addressed in the Research Plan, including recommendations with respect to engaging in consultation with and obtaining consent of Tribal Nations. They are also looking for recommendations on collaboration with Tribal Nations for collecting, maintaining, and analyzing information on consumption patterns of fish, wildlife, and plants related to subsistence and cultural practices of Tribal and Indigenous populations.

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