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Tribal Consultation on the development of a Bison Shared Stewardship Strategy (Stewardship Strategy)

U.S. Department of the Interior


Consultation Platform

Bison Working Group


Comment Deadline:


The Department of the Interior Bison Working Group (BWG) invites you to consult on the development of a Bison Shared Stewardship Strategy (Stewardship Strategy) toward the establishment of new, large, and wild bison herds. In the spirit of the 2022 co-stewardship policies of the Department, we propose co-production of the Stewardship Strategy by a team of co-authors that is comprised of Tribe-selected individuals, InterTribal Buffalo Council (ITBC)-selected members, and Federal employees. We are seeking input from Tribes and ITBC regarding the scope of the Stewardship Strategy for bison restoration. As part of the consultation, we are seeking the following: (1) Tribal members nominations for five Tribal member co-authors and (2) ITBC members nominations for one ITBC member co-author. These Tribe-selected and ITBC-selected co-authors will work on the Stewardship Strategy with the Federal representatives from each of the Federal bureaus involved in the BWG-National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and U.S. Geological Survey. The Consultations are on October 18 and October 25.

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